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How I got my last staging job....

So I know we all get staging jobs in a variety of fashions.  The one I was hired for yesterday (ok, the contract came in yesterday, we don't actually stage it until April 2) came about in a very strange fashion.  On Thursday I was at the mall shopping for a model home I stage on Tuesday.  A gentleman from the DC area had been referred to me by the furniture rental company.  YEAH! This is the first time that's happened... whew... this isn't the strange part however.  I went out to the property for an evaluation and price quote and faxed it off to him on Friday.  Yesterday he called me to discuss the numbers, what my vision was, etc.  He asked me a lot of questions about staging.  Then he told me something which I almost felt sick about.... (yes this is the strange part).  He asked the agent about staging the home BEFORE it was listed and the agent told him.... let's just wait and see how it goes..... Now several months have gone by, the property hasn't sold and the owner is looking for a new agent and a staging company.  Now mind you he lives in DC and I live in SC. 

The part that really bothers me is multi-layered.  1)  I actually have done an owner occupied consult with this agent.  Which by the way, the agent didn't feel any of my changes were necessary, the property never sold and the owners, after over 8 months of marketing, were forced to rent their $900K property when they moved in order to make ends meet. -- The cost of changes I proposed, $1500.  2)  I recently gave a presentation to the office that this agent works in.  While I will admit this was not one of my better presentations.  I had been getting over a sickness & in trying to counter balance my meds had taken WAY too much caffeinne, making me a little shakey.  I still felt that I had shown the benefits of staging.  3) This agent not only receives, but actually OPENS and CLICKS THROUGH my monthly newsletters on a fairly regular basis. 

Needless to say, I will be pleased as punch to not only stage this property but make sure that it gets sold as quickly as possible by recommending some of the top agents I work with.  I'm also hoping to use this particular home in my next monthly newsletter..... maybe she'll open and click through to see her missed opportunities....


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Comment balloon 9 commentsMelissa Marro • March 25 2007 03:17PM


I'm not sure how I got a star next to my post, especially since there aren't any comments, but if it has to be added by an individual... thank you!
Posted by Melissa Marro, Jacksonville Real Estate and Home Staging (Keller Williams First Coast Realty - The Marro Team) almost 12 years ago

Some agents "get" home staging, some "think" they get it and others, well just plain get it at all! Sounds like your agent only "thinks" they get it. If they hire you for your expertise and then disregard everything that you say then perhaps you need to decide if you want to be associated wit this agent at all. If it is known that you do all of the consults for this agent but the properties are slow to sell, then it will reflect poorly on you.

Sometimes, we have to be particular who we actually want to do business with.

Posted by Lucie Quigley (HOLT modern Home Staging) almost 12 years ago

Oh, I hope you get to rub in the other agents face that staging the home worked!  LOL  Good Luck! 


Posted by Abby Roselli, Staten Island Home Stager (ALR Home Staging and Showcasing, LLC) almost 12 years ago

Hi Melissa,

Unfortunately this is something I think we all are going to have to deal with from time to time - those time & energy vampires who will take and take and give nothing in return but this one actually "stabbed you in the back" so to speak by telling a client to "wait and see"- this person obviously gets staging and what you do - but perhaps

  • A. sees no value for themselves in it (which is highly unlikely - since they read your newletters and see your results)
  • B. doesn't want to have their sellers pay - or is afraid to ask (but that's where you'd come in)
  • C. Maybe wants to be a stager themselves and thinks they can do it by learning all they can from you
  • D. Doesn't like to admit their wrong!

I hope that property sells in an instant and since this person reads your newsletter - BY ALL MEANS - no names need to be mentioned of course - WRITE ABOUT IT!!!! It's funny how what goes around comes around even when we're not looking for it.  Let us know what happens!

Posted by Karen Otto, Plano Home Staging, Dallas Home Staging, (Home Star Staging) almost 12 years ago

Win some . lose some - not you, them!

Kathleen Lordbock 

Posted by Kathleen Lordbock, Keller Williams Realty Professionals (Keller Williams Realty Professionals) almost 12 years ago

Lucie - fortunately I've only done one consultation for this agent.  While, of course, I would love to get more work from any agent, I totally agree that some agents are better left to their own demise....

Thanks to everyone else for the supportive voices.  It's not something I'm really upset about.  I certainly have enough work to keep me busy.  It's just more of an annoyance.  Why bother signing up for the newsletter.... taking the time to read through and click... then never use the service?  I simply don't get it....

Posted by Melissa Marro, Jacksonville Real Estate and Home Staging (Keller Williams First Coast Realty - The Marro Team) almost 12 years ago

I honestly don't understand where real estate agents come from.  They want to make the sale but they won't do anything other than stick a sign in the ground and list it on the MLS.  They are certainly a breed unto their own, and right up there with sub-prime mortgage brokers and used car salespeople as far as I'm concerned!  But you won out in the end and thats all that counts!  Congratulations!


Terry Haugen - STAGE it RIGHT!

Posted by Terry Haugen STAGE it RIGHT! 321-956-2495 (Stage it Right!) almost 12 years ago


I actually work with some really GREAT agents.  One of my latest agents was actually digging in the dirt planting flowers (curb appeal) for her out of town seller while I was staging the home.  There really are some out there who EARN their commission... most of the good ones do... every once in a while though...

Posted by Melissa Marro, Jacksonville Real Estate and Home Staging (Keller Williams First Coast Realty - The Marro Team) almost 12 years ago

I also work with some great agents.  The cream always rises to the top!

Posted by Lois Brant (Impressive Interiors) almost 12 years ago

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