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Why I'm not the typical home stager and think you shouldn't be either.... .

There was a bit of a heated debate recently over who the typical home stager is.  Recently, one of the people in this debate decided to write a blog (it may be here in AR, I haven't looked - I saw it on FB) about the typical stager, who they are, etc.  Reading the blog, I realized something - perhaps a pivotal moment - I AM NOT THE TYPICAL HOME STAGER.  I wrote the words to someone else on AR as I copied them on the blog stating I would keep my comments to myself and respectfully not comment on their blog.  However, as is typical, I find myself on the outside of the debate wanting to make a few distinctions.  Perhaps this is the best forum.... not getting into a debate on a blog, but stating my opinions in my own space.

Recently, at the 2010 RESA Conference in Las Vegas, during an excellend presentation by Ashley Whittenberger, the question was asked, "Who in this room feels they are making as much money as they should for the work they do?" (or something to that effect).  I think about 5 hands went up - Ashley would know better since she was on stage.  Still even if it is a few more - out of over 200 stagers in the room, only 5 or so went up.  That's what? 2.5%

(thanks for letting me borrow your photo Karen Otto)

So, what does this mean?  This means that the average home stager feels under compensated for the work they do - they work harder than their income shows and probably get burned out or simply run themselves out of business. So now what?

As one of the 2.5% of home stagers in that room who does feel fairly compensated for what I do, I would like to make the suggestion that you stop being average and start being UNUSUAL! Here are some tips for doing just that:

#1) Find some of those who do feel fairly compensated and start finding out what they do.  What kind of business model do they have?  What activities do they do on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis that create the kind of business that makes them successful? Consider actually doing the same things......

#2) Stop comparing your business and how you do your work to everyone around you.  Sure this sounds like the opposite of #1, but really it isn't.  Why?  Because most of the ones around you are not succeeding!  There are tons of ways to work the business, figure out what works for you and be unique in your approach. 

#3) As author and speaker David Avrin said at the conference, "Don't be the best kept secret.  Let everyone know what you do and how you are different!" What are you doing that will make you distinctive and worthy of being talked about?

#4) Stop making excuses!  Larry Winget says, "Shut Up, Stop Whining & Get a Life" (title of his book actually).  Stop saying that you can't do something because of ...... you fill in the blank.  There are endless excuses to not do something difficult - but so what?  Be UNUSUAL and do it anyway!


#5) Decide it's OK to be different than everyone else.  Mike Robbins, another conference speaker who wrote "Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken" reminds us that authenticity can only come from being ourself.  Stop trying to be something to anyone else and find success in being you!  Let your real light shine from inside of you and find the power of your own destiny!

Remember - life is a journey - it's not enough to fit in and be like everyone else.  You were made for better things!  Stop being typical and be uniquely you.....


 Author Bio: Melissa Marro, Home Staging Industry leader, Realtor, and entrepreneur offers a unique perspective on New Home Construction, Resale Residential Real Estate, and Home Staging

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