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Deja vu?? What happens when two of us do the same house two years apart?

Last week I received an email from a past client.  Two years ago we staged her downtown Charleston loft and in less than a month it went under contract.  The deal was supposed to be a lease to own, but apparently things didn't go exactly as planned with the economy and banking being what they are.  Recently the tenants moved out and the home was ready to go back on the market.  The email was on Thusday of last week and the new open house was scheduled for Thursday of this week.... with no time to spare and my calendar being completely full, I turned the staging job over to one of our experienced team members, David Moon.

I had no doubt that he would do an amazing job - he always does!  I was curious how it would differ from what I did 2 years ago.  Leaving him completely on his own to do what he does best, I waited until today when I could see the completed project.  So.... how did they compare?


          (Mine)                                                                             (David's)

Now, I confess I think he did do a better job on this unit than I did way back when.... in my defense, we certainly have a broader selection of inventory than I did.... anyway, that's my excuse and I'm sticking too it.... lol!

I am curious what the homeowner will say having seen both....


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