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Fun cheap art & accessories...

With more homes to stage than money these days we are having to get creative!  Here is my latest project.  (I'm sorry I don't have photos, but you'll get the idea anyway, I promise!)

I purchased a book called A year in Art at the local mega book store.  It cost $12.99.  In it are 365 copies of world renowned art.  The pages are about 4" x 8", all landscape format.  The great thing is that in this book, none of the art pieces are on the back of another.  Here are some projects I've been working on tonight with this book...

*  Small desk/accessory style frames - you know the ones we always tell homeowner they should remove from their homes!  We tell them this because they are too personal, with their family photographs.  Well, imagine adding a miniature version of authentic artwork.  I found two particularly good ones in my book.  One was a wedding with the bride and groom being swept away by a very large bird.  The other was a particularly famous one of a little girl.  I trimmed the artwork down so that the frames, now showing what could be typical photos - a wedding and a child, can now be proudly shown, without the problem of being overly personal. 

*  I purchased 8 frames with matting on clearance for $7/ea at the local HomeGoods store.  I found art pieces that were similar in nature to each other - in this case asian inspired.  These I can use in leiu of more expensive framed art that you purchase elsewhere.  The great thing is that because the frames are all identical and the artwork is similar in nature I can also use these as a large grouping instead of a very expensive large piece!   

So, that's 10 whole pieces out of the 365 I have to work with..... I think this is definately a great inexpensive project!


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Fun cheap art & accessories…
With more homes to stage than money these days we are having to get creative! Here is my latest project. (I'm sorry I don't have photos, but you'll get the idea anyway, I promise! ) I purchased a book called A year in Art at the local mega… more
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