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Form over function? It depends on the space.....

Many people have home offices in their bedrooms these days.  Almost all of us have computers, many have home businesses and we need a place to keep printers, desks, filing cabinets, etc.  When selling your home, the bedroom isn't the best place for this!

When selling your home the bedroom should be restful & luxurious.  This doesn't necessarily mean that it has to be lavish however.  Depending on the list price of the home, the budget you have to work with and what you have access to - simple can be just the ticket.

both of these rooms below comprise the 3rd photo.  (Unfortunately I don't have the long angle of this room in before - I have no idea why I missed taking it.)


The demographics for this buyer are young first time home buyers or young families.  While a home office/computer room will still be important to this demographic, it is typically better to relocate the office elsewhere in the home.  Women in particular express the desire to have the bedroom as a place of comfort, not necessarily functionality.  Having a respite to read or relax away from the family does still provide fuction however.... while still appealing to their comfort factor.

Thanks to team members David Moon & Bonnie Mizzell for helping with this transformation!


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