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Vacant Home Staging - which would you buy?

I often write about vacant staging in my monthly newsletters.  Adding before and after slideshows brings tons of interest and usually a few jobs.  Below is the vacant staging that I did this week for a new construction project.  We all know the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words.  Now tell me - if you were a buyer looking at photos of homes on MLS, which home would you want to go see?  Yes, that's right... I'm not even asking about once you are in the home, just looking at MLS..... this is the first step to selling the property and why staging takes half the time to sell.....

     bathroom smaller


   dining after


living room before  living room after


bedroom before  bedroom after


Ok, so now you can see WHY this works!  Agents and homeowners need to learn the value of staging.  It is not only the creation of warmth once the potential buyer comes to the property, it's making the buyer WANT to come and visit the property.  Getting them in the door is the first step....

If you would like to see more photos of this project, please click here...

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Vacant Home Staging - which would you buy?
I often write about vacant staging in my monthly newsletters. Adding before and after slideshows brings tons of interest and usually a few jobs. Below is the vacant staging that I did this week for a new construction project. We all know the… more
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